Fighting the Bulge

My Mexico wedding is now 70 days away. That means I have 30 days to get to my goal weight.

Only 30 because my first dress fitting is exactly 1 month away. I have to basically be my goal weight so that my dress actually fits at the final fitting.

Since the winter I have officially lost 12 lbs. I am at the point where I have to work really hard to lose any more weight. But, I will get to my goal. 

My diet has changed quite a bit. I am the worst snacker. Working from home causes boredom and boredom causes snacking. I forced myself not to keep any snacks in the house! Poof, snacks be gone gut be gone. 

My workout schedule is at least 5 days week. I have been doing insanity for almost 40 days now. My fiance says he notices the changes but I have not noticed them as much.

The workouts are truly insane. I haven’t pushed myself this hard in a workout since I was a gymnast. It feels really good to be challenged and exhausted again. I sweat off probably 3 pounds a workout (exaggeration). After I work my ass off I am starving, so I eat…unfortunately I also eat prior to the workout to give me energy. THIS might be why I am stagnate at my current weight. 

This month I officially cut out carbs. I just did that, we were going to start that in August but I wasn’t sure why we would wait to do that…so I made the ruling to start! Yes, I know that most people understand that cutting out carbs can be dangerous. You lose all the weight and then 3 months later eat a carb and I am fat again. But really, I just need to be flawless in my gown. I plan on keeping up my workout schedule after the wedding but really, I like to eat some bad stuff occasionally and I think that’s ok. 

Today I did probably too much. I did an Insanity workout, but then the computer froze mid way through so I decided to finish up w running 4 miles. My body was pretty defeated. So no I am exhausted sitting at my desk just wishing it was 5 so I could make some kind of delish dinner.

Anyways, my journey to being fit is a hard one yet fun. I didn’t realize how much I missed pushing my body to it’s limits. Who knows, maybe some day I can be a trainer. You never know! 

Stay fit!!