I did it…I jumped on the juicing bandwagon.

While my weight loss has gone great with diet and working out I am seeing a number in my head this isn’t on the scale yet. So, welcome to juicing.

Today is my first day of my 48 hour juicing cleanse. I plan on juicing twice a week until the BIG DAY.  I have been up since 7:30, I had my first juice at 8:00.  It is only 10:30 and I am starved! Not terribly, I know I will survive. 

My fiance doesn’t understand this juicing thing. Obviously, I did not ask him to do this with me.  Luckily he works over night tonight on my day 1 so I don’t have to cook him dinner. No temptation there. I am already on the no junk diet so nothing tempting is in the house. I already cleared out all the fruit (i eat a pound of fruit a day! not really, thats an exaggeration). I have no protein bars left….just frozen veggies and all my juicing stuff!

I am curious to see if there will be any results. You are basically starving yourself but they tell you that you get all the nutrients you need in this juice. I wouldn’t recommend living on an all juice diet. Especially if you’re a meat eater. But, alas I decided on a 2 day cleanse.

I should have blogged at the end of my day rather than the middle. But, for me I am hungriest around this time of day. I could skip dinner and not feel hungry. So, day 1 during my hungriest time of the day I am surviving with no solid food. I really don’t feel that hungry yet. I do, however, realize tomorrow will be a different story.

123 going on 120…I hope.

oOoO D